Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Local Church Calls on SERVPRO of Pickens County

At three am on Monday 13, 2020, an EF 3 tornado began ripping through Oconee County. In its path, Seneca Baptist Church. The tornado peeled back a portion of the roof. The pews and the carpet were saturated with water. With no power or water, this presented many challenges for SERVPRO of Pickens County.

Our crew members worked around the clock to make this tornado damage "Like it never even happened." We installed several generators and power distribution boxes to aid in running equipment until power was restored to the church. We called in our storm team to help with the drying process. They brought a trailer load full of dehumidifiers and other drying equipment. With their help, we were able to complete the drying process quickly. Now, on to the restoration process.

Storm Damage And Tile Flooring

The sump pump of this Pickens County home failed to work during a torrential downpour. Stormwater flooded the finished basement. The tile was soaked. Thankfully, the homeowner acted fast and called SERVPRO of Pickens County.

The homeowner's quick action saved him from costly repairs. When we arrived, we used a non-penetrating moisture meter to determine how wet the tiles were. Luckily, the tiles only suffered from minor damage. We set up fans and dehumidifiers to remove the excess moisture from the tiles. Tile is resistant water, but if the water seeps into the grout, the subfloor can become wet and damage the tile. Fortunately, that was not the case here.

When The Storm Waters Rise SERVPRO of Pickens County is Always Here To Help

The entire finished basement of this home was flooded during a recent storm after the sump pump stopped working. Stormwater invaded the house and saturated the carpet and tile flooring. Thankfully, SERVPRO of Pickens County responded quickly and was able to extract the water immediately. We removed the carpet pad and began drying out the carpet and tile. Now the basement is ready for the restoration process to begin. 

We Are Faster To Any Storm Disaster

After a recent storm, this homeowner discovered stormwater had entered his home through his crawl space. Thankfully, he called SERVPRO of Pickens County immediately. We were able to mitigate the existing damage and prevent any secondary damage from happening. Unfortunately, due to the contaminated water areas of the carpet, the carpet padding and parts of the baseboard had to be removed. Then, drying equipment was set up to ensure there would be no mold growth. The customer was thrilled with our fast response and drying time.